Wolfgang Kriegl remains unbeaten at the Automotodróm Slovakia Ring –

Pirmin Weixler takes over the lead in CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup 2017!


Automotodróm Slovakia Ring The very modern and challenging racing circuit on the outskirts of Bratislava welcomed the drivers of the CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup brand trophy from 18th to the 20th of August 2017 for races 7 and 8 of the current racing season. Following what has been a turbulent season up to now, the Automotodróm Slovakia Ring represented yet another opportunity to experience more highlights in this captivating title race. The Slovakian circuit really puts it up to the driver with dangerous high-speed curves and a technically challenging “in-field” in sector two. The 5.922-km circuit offers the drivers the perfect stage to see who can perform the best to get their “Chevy” around the track the fastest.

“The season is now entering its most critical phase and we are very much looking forward to putting on a show of the very best touring car motor racing for our series sponsors, as well as for our fans. The CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup stands for exciting and affordable touring car motor racing on internationally renowned and iconic circuits with a lot of public relations work. The winner of the series will receive a free test drive in a TCR racing car, and that is a further reason to be excited about who will take the title in the finish!, said series organizer Andreas Pfister.

The 3rd place on the starting grid achieved by Leon Weitmann was the best starting position of his still young touring car career.


The minimum differences between the times during qualifying are a sure indicator that it will be an exciting race


In qualifying to determine who will start from what position on the grid for the first race, Wolfgang Kriegl (AUT, Pfister-Racing by BRIEFLOGISTIK OBERFRANKEN) burned it up out on the circuit to record the fastest time. Hot on his wheels was Pirmin Weixler (GER, Magnet-Shop.net Racing), something which was not to change over the course of the race weekend. The youngster Leon Weitmann (GER, Mainfranken Motodrom Racing Team) secured a highly impressive third place on the starting grid, and sent out a strong message that he was also to be reckoned with.

Wolfgang Kriegl and Pirmin Weixler showed themselves to be Gladiators behind the wheel, with both not giving the other an inch in the quest for victory.


 – David Wassermann and Fabian Piwetz both put in great drives to get themselves on the podium!

After taking up their places at the end of the warm-up lap on the start-finish straight, the red lights went one at a time to mark the countdown to the start, which is then indicated when all the red lights go out. Kriegl showed excellent reactions and made sure that his pole position meant that he would also be the race leader off the grid. Pirmin Weixler on the other hand did not start well at all, losing a number of positions right from the outset. Leon Weitmann had a strong opening phase to the race: The youngster was able to secure second position and was even able to get himself close enough to attack the leader Wolfgang Kriegl.

Following the first few laps Kriegl was able to put some distance between himself and the chasing pack, while Pirmin Weixler drove furiously to close the gap and take over the lead. In the battle for positions, it was then 5 CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup racing cars that wanted to take the corner all at the same time. This wasn’t going to end well and the Championship leader up to that point Björn Dietrich (GER, U4 Automotive Racing) ended up in the gravel trap.  This was a significant setback to his title ambitions, although he still remains very much in the running. This incident resulted in a safety car phase that neutralized the race.

Pirmin Weixler vs.  Wolfgang Kriegl was the head-to-head battle of the race weekend!

Following the re-start, Pirmin Weixler went on the attack once again and put Wolfgang Kriegl under massive pressure. While the fight for first place raged on, Fabian Piwetz (AUT, Magnet-Shop.net Racing) was able to cement his place in third despite being handed a “drive-through” time penalty by the race commission. As the black-white chequered flag was waved, Kriegl crossed the finish line just ahead of Pirmin Weixler and David Wassermann (GER, TOYO TIRES MOTORSPORT). Leon Weitmann, Fabian Piwetz and Uwe Welzenbach (Pfister-Racing by TOP-EXPRESS) were then the next to cross the finishing line.


The toughly fought title battle reached a new climax following the second race, which saw a lot of “paint being shared” between the drivers

The qualifying for the second race took place in wet conditions. Björn Dietrich wasn’t perturbed by the wet conditions, instead using it as a stage to really showcase his class behind the wheel of a racing car and secured a dominant pole position.

However, things would get tougher for Dietrich in the second race because the rain cleared and a number of his rivals were able to drive clearly faster lap times in the now dry conditions. Kriegl immediately took over the lead once the lights went out, with Pirmin Weixler not needing to be asked twice to bustle his way into second place.  This was the spark that saw a top-class head-to-head battle explode between Wolfgang Kriegl and Pirmin Weixler to see who would be the first to take the chequered flag. The track battle between the two was full of numerous overtaking manoeuvres and exchanges of paint.

From left to right: Pirmin Weixler, Wolfgang Kriegl and Fabian Piwetz were the winners of the second race


Fabian Piwetz put in an absolutely fantastic drive and secured third place behind Kriegl and Weixler, which was also his second podium finish of the season.  Leon Weitmann crossed the finish line in fourth ahead of Björn Dietrich, David Wassermann and Uwe Welzenbach.


The grand final of the CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup, which will see four drivers fighting for the much coveted title, will take place from the 8th to the 10th of September 2017 at the Masaryk Circuit (CZ). The fans can certainly look forward to further exciting duels when the motto will once again be: “close, closer, CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup!”


Photos: Pfister-Racing GmbH / Petr Fryba / Nadine Schreiner


O V E R A L L  R A N K I N G after 8 out of 10 competitive races



  1. Pirmin Weixler GER Magnet-Shop.net Racing                                                      56 pts.


  1. Wolfgang Kriegl AUT Pfister-Racing by BRIEFLOGISTIK OBERFRANKEN       55 pts.



  1. David Wassermann GER TOYO TIRES MOTORSPORT                                           51 pts.


  1. Björn Dietrich GER U4 AUTOMOTIVE RACING TEAM                                    50 pts.



  1. Fabian Piwetz AUT Magnet-Shop.net Racing                                                      36 pts.



  1. Uwe Welzenbach GER Pfister-Racing by TOP-EXPRESS                                      16 pts.


  1. Leon Weitmann GER Mainfranken Motodrom Racing Team                                 14 pts.


  1. Dennis Wunderl AUT U4 AUTOMOTIVE RACING TEAM                                    5 pts.


  1. Marius Erasme GER Pfister-Racing by BRIEFLOGISTIK OBERFRANKEN       3 pts.




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