Pirmin Weixler is crowned champion of the CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup 2017 after a four-way battle –

Björn Dietrich claimed the runner-up spot ahead of Wolfgang Kriegl

Automotodrom Brno. Following what has been an excellent and really exciting touring car season on four renowned racing circuits, the final racing weekend of this year’s CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup took place from the 7th to the 10th of September 2017 at the Automotodrom Brno (CZ). The traditional racing circuit located in the heart of the Czech Republic is known for its exciting layout with “motorcycle characteristics” on an “uphill and downhill” course. On a circuit length of 5.403 kilometers, the touring car drivers were to offer the spectators two exciting races.

“All four contenders for the title had done enough to deserve to win the Championship, but in the end, there could only be one champion. The level of competition during this CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup season was very high, with talented drivers from the carting world regularly battling it out with ambitious “gentleman drivers”. This has been the recipe for success for the CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup with excellent touring car motor racing on internationally renowned circuits, and all that at an affordable price. After a successful season in 2017, with more than ten drivers scoring points, we are going to keep campaigning for cost-effective touring car motor racing in the future.” series organizer Andreas Pfister stated.

Gerald Heigis (GER, Pfister-Racing by BRIEFLOGISTIK OBERFRANKEN) stirred

things up well as a successful guest starter in the field of drivers!


David Wassermann nabs the pole position for race 1


After the first test races, 30-minute qualifying training to determine positioning took place. The youngster David Wassermann (GER, magnet-shop.net Racing) showed a great performance and nabbed the pole position off Pirmin Weixler (GER, U4 Automotive Racing Team) and Björn Dietrich (GER, TOYO TIRES MOTORSPORT).


With first and third place, Pirmin Weixler gains his desired championship victory

  – Björn Dietrich wins himself second place in the championship with a great final win!


The tension was palpable before the important first race, because this race could already produce a preliminary decision in the championship battle. In this race a „rolling start“ was used for the first time, which meant that there was extra tension: The man in pole position, David Wasserman, was only able to enjoy his shining moment for a short while and had to move aside for Pirmin Weixler. Behind him, Björn Dietrich put good pressure on him and Dietrich was able to leave Wassermann behind in a difficult but fair competition.

However, both of them now had a fight on their hands with a quickly approaching Gerald Heigis (GER, Pfister-Racing by BRIEFLOGISTIK-OBERFRANKEN) who drove towards the finish line with very fast lap times. Neither David Wassermann nor Björn Dietrich were able to fight off the challenger effectively and Heigis took over second place behind Weixler.

David Wassermann (l.) fought hard against Björn Dietrich (r.) for the remaining place on the podium

For last year’s champion, Wolfgang Kriegl (AUT, Pfister-Racing by TOP-EXPRESS), it was a difficult racing weekend. The likeable Austrian wrestled with the technology of his Chevrolet Cruze Cup race car all weekend and was not able to exploit his talent. As a result, he placed only fifth in the first race, just ahead of Uwe Welzenbach (GER, magnet-shop.net Racing). Welzenbach felt right at home in the Automotodrom Brno and got himself noticed with strong lap times.

Fabian Piwetz (AUT, Mainfranken Motodrom Racing Team) was forced into the pit lane prematurely. After a problem with the gearbox, the mechanics of the Pfister-Racing Team immediately set about finding a solution to the problem, so that Piwetz was able to begin the second race without a problem.


A fantastic final race keeps the many spectators on their toes!

The many fans that traveled to watch in the stands gave the championship battle extra flavor and provided a real ‘race feeling’. After his victory in the first race, Pirmin Weixler needed to collect only a minimum of three more important points to ensure his championship victory.

With a determined ride, Björn Dietrich made a big splash in the second race. Starting from the third position, he fought his way forward and left the competition behind him. After having secured the leading position, he did not give it up again and, as a result, celebrated a great victory at the end of the racing season.

From left to right: Gerald Heigis, Pirmin Weixler and Björn Dietrich are the victors of the first race


Fabian Piwetz also delivered a great race to catch up and, in the end, crossed the finish line in second place. For Pirmin Weixler, third place was enough to guarantee him the well-deserved title in the CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup 2017. Fourth place was taken by Gerald Heigis, where he took more championship points, coming in before David Wassermann, Wolfgang Kriegl and Uwe Welzenbach.


After a great racing season in 2017, the signs are pointing towards the 2018 CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup, which will bring new features which will shortly be revealed. One is for definite: In 2018, fans and drivers will be glad to know that it will still be “close, closer, CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup!”

Photos: Pfister-Racing GmbH / Petr Fryba


O V E R A L L  R A N K I N G S after 10 out of 10 championship races



  1. Pirmin Weixler GER U4 AUTOMOTIVE RACING TEAM                                    72 pts.


  1. Björn Dietrich GER TOYO TIRES MOTORSPORT                                           66 pts.


  1. Wolfgang Kriegl AUT Pfister-Racing by BRIEFLOGISTIK OBERFRANKEN       62 pts.



  1. David Wassermann GER Magnet-Shop.net Racing                                                      60 pts.


  1. Fabian Piwetz AUT MAINFRANKEN MOTODROM Racing Team                   44 pts.



  1. Uwe Welzenbach GER Magnet-Shop.net Racing                                                      21 pts.


  1. Leon Weitmann GER Mainfranken Motodrom Racing Team                                 14 pts.


  1. Gerald Heigis GER Pfister-Racing by BRIEFLOGISTIK OBERFRANKEN       13 pts.


  1. Dennis Wunderl AUT U4 AUTOMOTIVE RACING TEAM                                    5 pts.


  1. Marius Erasme GER Pfister-Racing by BRIEFLOGISTIK OBERFRANKEN       3 pts.






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