Pfister Racing team on course for success at Motorsportarena Oschersleben

Oschersleben. The Pfister Racing team lined four touring cars up at the start on Germany’s northernmost racing track on June 22, 2018: Jens Grothmann (GER) started in a 350 BHP CUPRA TCR racing car in the ADAC Bördesprint Cup, as well as Björn Dietrich (GER) in a 280 BHP Skoda Octavia Cup racing car.


The youngsters Nico Schönberg (GER) and Sebastian Seidt (GER) took the wheel with their team colleague Claus Gramlich (GER) in start number 210 in the ADAC Logan Cup brand cup. The famously fast duo Lucian Aron (GER) and Dennis Bröker (GER) drove the racing car with start number 211 in the ADAC Logan Cup.

Team leader Andreas Pfister commented as follows: “We’re thrilled about the use of 4 touring cars and the huge interest in our team associated with this. At the same time, the ADAC Logan Cup is still an affordable great opportunity for newcomers to touring car motor racing. Drivers can gain a wealth of experience in the 2-hour race at low cost. We have two hot irons in the fire in our racing class with the CUPRA TCR racing car and the Skoda Octavia Cup racing car in the ADAC Bördesprint. We’re also really delighted about the Schandert Race Days that are being held at the same time as a customer event combined with driver safety training by our partner Autohaus Schandert.”


Björn Dietrich achieved 2nd place in the ADAC Bördesprint Cup


After the first practice runs, it was quickly obvious that both Björn Dietrich and Jens Grothmann were definitely holding their own in the competition for the ADAC Bördesprint Cup. Having been placed 3rd and 5th in the overall placings in time training, they nudged even further forward in the race: Björn Dietrich was initially able to take over the lead in his racing class during the action-packed starting phase. Jens Grothmann quickly found his rhythm again though and passed the Skoda Octavia Cup racing car to take the lead with his CUPRA TCR racing machine.


Dennis Bröker and Lucian Aron show their class once again in the ADAC Logan Cup

In the 15-minute time training to establish the positions on the starting grid, Dennis Bröker and Lucian Aron had to make do with 4th place at first. But as soon as the “Grand Prix” start to the race got underway, Dennis Bröker showed that he had big ambitions to grab the leading positions in his first stint in the blue ADAC Logan Cup racing car with start number 211. After a few great duels, he then closed the gap on the leaders and handed the racing car over to his team colleague Lucian Aron after the first compulsory pit stop. Aron managed to get ahead of the pack into second place in the following laps. He then took the tactically clever decision to hand the racing car over to his team colleague Bröker in a “code 60 phase”, who was then able to drive a great second place home. As a result, the team also remains in the lead in the overall ADAC Logan Cup ranking.

One win and two second places provide a great result

The Pfister Racing team therefore achieved a great result on this racing day: one win in the racing class as well as two second places and a 6th place were taken, ensuring happy faces all round. The two novices Nico Schönberg and Sebastian Seidt put on a great performance in the ADAC Logan Cup and were able to notch up important championship points in their first touring car race.

Lucian Aron (GER) and Dennis Bröker (GER) are still the championship

leaders in the ADAC Logan Cup after their 2nd place!

Jens Grothmann (GER) celebrated a great start to the ADAC Bördesprint Cup with a win in his class

“We would like to thank our drivers for their loyalty and the great results. We were able to achieve outstanding racing results thanks to our good teamwork. I’d also like to thank our team members Alois Pfister, Mirek Göbel and Bozo Erak. We are now going to continue concentrating on working to be able to stay at the top in the overall ranking in the ADAC Logan Cup!” says Andreas Pfister.

ADAC Bördesprint Cup racing dates

2018.08.03                 – Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)

2018.09.23                 – Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)

2018.10.13-14 – Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)

2018.10.21                 – Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)

2018.11.10                 – Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)

2018.11.17                 – Motorsportarena Oschersleben (GER)

Further information on the ADAC Bördesprint Cup, as well as the up-to-date race results of the Pfister Racing team can be found on the homepage and on the official Pfister-Racing GmbH Facebook page.

Photos: Jegasoft