Daniel Wehrstedt wins the Pfister Racing Kart-Cup 2018 at the Steigerwaldmotodrom

Gerolzhofen and therefore a guest start in a touring car race!

The tenth edition of the thrilling Pfister Racing Kart Cup started on the outdoor Steigerwaldmotodrom Gerolzhofen kart track on 22 July 2018, thus celebrating a great anniversary. Fast drivers and teams have been hitting the kart track to prove their talent since 2008. The cup attracted great interest this season too and the placings were decided by a total of 12 drivers from 6 different teams.

In a clever racing system with “elimination contest” the best 6 drivers of the day make it into the grand finale where the winner of the challenge cup then leaves the pit. Besides the prizes for the drivers, the team rating is also endowed with high-quality non-cash prizes.


All in all, several elimination races and one finale take place – great fun for the teams and drivers!

A strong performance by the drivers despite the slippery racing track

The Pfister Racing Kart Cup is suitable for both kart beginners and experienced drivers to have great fun on the racing track. After the qualifying sessions, which still took place in partly wet track conditions, the best 6 drivers emerged from the first two elimination races. The drivers Horst Kwiotek (GER, Fahrschule Kwiotek), Mirek Göbel (GER, Pfister Racing team), Michael Kuhn (GER, Fahrschule Kwiotek), Dirk Kern (GER, Main-PostLogistik) and Daniel Betz (GER, Pfister Racing team) just narrowly missed out on the final positions.


As a result, Sebastian Deck (GER, Magnet-Shop.net Racing), Jonas Gundalach (GER, TOYO TIRES Motorsport), Daniel Wehrstedt (GER, Main-PostLogistik), Claus Wüster (GER, TOYO TIRES Motorsport), Sebastian Schraut (GER, MAINFRANKEN MOTODROM Racing Team) and Marvin Braun (GER, magnet-shop.net Racing) lined up on the starting line for the 15-minute final race that had a “Grand Prix” start.


Wehrstedt just beats Sebastian Deck and wins a guest start in the ADAC Logan Cup!

The final race features lots of duels and overtaking maneuvers. Sebastian Deck took the lead ahead of Daniel Wehrstedt right from the start. Both Deck and Wehrstedt were able to set themselves apart from the rest of the field with fast lap times.

A thrilling battle for third position broke out among the four drivers behind them: Claus Wüster from TOYO TIRES MOTORSPORT put on a gutsy performance and defended his third position against Marvin Braun and Jonas Gundalach as well as Sebastian Schraut.

After a tough but fair duel, Daniel Wehrstedt was able to take over the leading position at the end of the 15-minute race with an outstanding maneuver and therefore cross the finish line for his team Main-PostLogistik, just a whisker ahead of Sebastian Deck (magnet-shop.net Racing). Claus Wüster clinched the remaining podium place for TOYO TIRES MOTORSPORT.


Joy among the successful drivers in the podium ceremony afterwards

Magnet-shop.net Racing wins the team rating

Magnet-shop.net Racing was able to triumph in the team rating with 29 ranking points in total, in front of the TOYO TIRES MOTORSPORT team and the Main-PostLogistik team.

The MAINFRANKEN MOTODROM Racing team was able to achieve a good fourth place, ahead of Fahrschule Kwiotek and the Pfister-Racing team.