Successful world premiere for Andreas Pfister at the first 24-hour race for electric vehicles  at Motorsportarena Oschersleben

Oschersleben. Racing driver Andreas Pfister had an extraordinary race meeting on the program on December 1/2, 2018: The world’s first 24-hour race for electric vehicles was held at Motorsportarena Oschersleben.


More than 30 international teams were registered for this 24-hour race, the ultimate challenge which featured electric vehicles from a variety of car manufacturers. TESLA was represented with several vehicles on the starting grid. Klaus Schäfer’s “E-Motion” team, which Andreas Pfister and his team were behind the wheel for, was also relying on a TESLA Model S saloon.

“The ride quality of the TESLA is quite remarkable and the electric four-wheel drive also ensures great handling on corners. It will be particularly exciting to keep an eye on the vehicles’ ranges during the race and to complete as many laps as possible here in Oschersleben,” said Pfister after doing the first electric training laps.




The world’s first 24-hour race for electric vehicles received a great deal of media coverage!


After the race started at 2 p.m. on December 1st 2018, it was up to the teams and driver to get round the track quickly but also efficiently to plan the tactics and charging times in the pits in the best way possible.


More than 385 smooth laps and a finish in 6th place is a great success!

The first part of the race was still in dry conditions but the rain that set in overnight in particular was to provide an additional thrill.

“I had got off to a good start and managed to drive our TESLA on the racing track in the cockpit for more than 3 hours and 45 minutes until the first pit stop for charging. As I turned into the pits we were in 1st place and I steered towards the charging station.”

The “E-Motion” team was delighted with the great result at the first 24 hour race for electric vehicles

“After the first charging break, my team colleagues took the wheel during the night and I was able to get back behind the wheel again for the race’s home stretch. After a challenging 24 hours we were then able to cross the finish line with 385 completed laps and not one single technical problem in 6th place, which is a great success. At this point I would like to thank “E-Motion” for the trust placed in us and the great teamwork, I’m already looking forward to the next electric race meeting, it was great fun!” says racing driver Andreas Pfister at the end of the 24 hour race.