Become a professionally trained Motorsports – Instructor with Pfister-Racing!

Become a professionally trained Motorsports – Instructor with Pfister-Racing!

We offer you the opportunity to benefit from our many years of successful activities in international motorsports and to be trained as a professional Motorsports Instructor.

As an instructor focused on motorsports, you carry a lot of responsibility for your trainees. Your task centers around the transfer of knowledge and abilities about the correct behaviour on track, in both theory and practise.


With you as their instructor, your trainees will not only drive more safely on track, but quicker as well and have a lot of fun doing it.


Our Instructor Training consists of the following modules:

Knowledge of all relevant up-to-date motorsports regulations by the FIA


Knowledge of the race flag regulations in effect as well as other regulations specific to paved racetracks


Knowledge about picking the right line on track, including brake and turn-in points as well as advanced car control


Knowledge on how to best transfer information and experience over to your trainees


Knowledge on how to methodically improve driving style and lap times, as well as best practise tips for navigating a racetrack


Experience on how to seek out the perfect race line, brake and turn-in points as well as advanced car control


Experience on how to best transfer knowledge and practise over to your trainees


After successful completion of this training you will be certified as a Motorsports Instructor of Pfister-Racing. This will elect you to work for us with pay, at our many track-side events such as Sports Driving Camps and dedicated customer events, to name but a few.


These are the prerequisites for participating in this training course:


You are currently holding a national or international license as a race car driver and have participated at least 5 race events during the past 5 years

You are at least 18 years of age



The next training course for Motorsports Instructors of Pfister Racing is scheduled to take place at:


07th and 8th of April 2018 at the Autodrom Most (CZ)



For inquiries on this training program and your registration form, please email us at or give us a call at +49(0)9350 / 90 900 59


Here is some feedback from our trainees and the coach from past trainings:



Felix Koerbel (Instructor in Training)

„I had a lot of fun during the two days of training!“

„I have really learned a lot and am eager to get to work.”

„The workshop during the theoretical part of the training was very demanding, but I have learned a lot!“


during the 2016 FIA WTCC World Touring Car Championship race of Slovakia at Slovakia Ring, from April 15 to 17 2016 – Photo François Flamand / DPPI.

Bjoern Dietrich (Instructor in Training)

„This was a terrific training course!“

„Hopefully you will be able to certify a lot of instructors in the coming years!”

„This training course is really extensive. Even the methods of educational science are included. This is really great!”



Wolfgang Kriegl (Lead Coach)

„The racetrack at Most welcomed us with perfect conditions.”

„Both trainees did a really good job.“

„This training course is definitely tailored towards practical experience.“