Do you want to get your racing license? Then you are in the right place!



Do you want to get your racing license? Then you are in the right place!

By taking part in our special theoretical and practical training courses, you can acquire the following racing licenses:

Racing licenses in GERMANY (DMSB).

  • DMSB National C License
  • DMSB National A License

And after presenting the proof of having had further successes in the world of motor sports,

  • DMSB International C License


  • OSK/AMF race track racing license





License course for NAT A. (DMSB) and INT.D (AMF / DMSB): The course takes place at the ADAC Driving Safety Center in Schlüsselfeld or at the Salzburgring, Autodrom Most and other racetracks, and includes both theoretical and practical driving exercises. Approved for the course NATIONAL A are all standard and modified cars (street legal or FIA car pass) with a maximum sound level of 94 d (B) A. Trucks and motorcycles are not allowed. You are eligible for the license course in the year in which you celebrate your 17th birthday. In general, our courses entitle you to apply for the NATIONAL A license from the DMSB (Deutscher Motorsport Bund) or apply for the INTERNATIONAL D license from the AMF (Austrian Motorsports Federation).

Under certain conditions, you can obtain an INTERNATIONAL D license from the DMSB (restricted to a racing series) directly through one of our training courses. The requirements for this are determined by the DMSB (Deutscher Motorsport Bund) in the course regulations:     

The license is limited to one series, so you can start with this license only in this one race series, only after three results in the series in rating, the license can be rewritten for free to an unlimited license int. D.     

Participation must be with a vehicle from the relevant racing series. In some cases, a comparable vehicle can be admitted.     

The licensing course has to take place on a race track – it is not possible e.g. on an airfield or a driving safety center.     

In addition, the organizer of the racing series must agree to the course – we’ll do that for you in advance.     

An e-learning in advance is obligatory, with content on the peculiarities of the racing series, this you will receive from us.

Examples of race classes for which we offer a DMSB INTERNATIONAL D course are:     

CTT     DMV BMW Challenge     

DMV GTC (GT4 vehicles only)    

 DMV NES500     

Porsche Sports Cup Germany     


Touring Car Classics     

Touring car legends     

Youngtimer Trophy     

further series on request


Theoretical training content:

  • FIA and DMSB structure and licensing system
  • Vehicle condition according to FIA/DMSB standards
  • Complete driver equipment according to FIA/DMSB standards
  • Functions and responsibilities of the race director, sporting stewards and track safety
  • Specific requirements of the race track
  • Protest and vocations
  • Flags
  • Fitness and nutrition

Contents of the practical driving segment:

  • Guided driving on the handling course/race track with radio communication, according to the principle of the “Belgian tourniquet”
  • Discussions regarding the different sections
  • Ideal line
  • Breaking points, entry and deflection points
  • Swiss Slalom on the largest available module of the circuit to test the limits
  • Startup



















You also have the option to rent one of our CHEVROLET Cruze Eurocup 1,8 LT V2 racing cars for this event.

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17.11.2019 im ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum Schlüsselfeld (GER)

Anmeldung_DMSB_Lizenzlehrgang_FSZ_Schluesselfeld_17112019Zeitplan DMSB Lizenzlehrgang Schluesselfeld_17112019


14./15. Dez. 2019 im ASCARI Race Resort (ESP)


16.02.2020 im ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum Schlüsselfeld (GER)


Zeitplan DMSB Lizenzlehrgang Schluesselfeld_16022020


28./29.03.2020 am Autodrom Most (CZ)





20./21.09.2020 am Salzburgring (AUT)


15.11.2020 im ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum Schlüsselfeld (GER)






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